I do a bit of everything online, from building websites to writing e-newsletters to ghost-blogging with SEO in mind.

While I’m not a programmer, I worked with a friend to create the award-winning website CharterWave on a Joomla CMS in 2006. In late 2016, for the site’s 10th anniversary, I worked with a developer to relaunch CharterWave on a WordPress CMS, in a way that helps readers make the best possible use of the more than 2 million words of content the site contained at that time (CharterWave is the biggest repository of editorial information about yacht charter on planet Earth).

The same developer who helped me relaunch CharterWave also helped me create DogMerchants.com on a WordPress CMS in 2016. As I was writing the book The Dog Merchants, I realized there was no central location online where consumers could rate and review breeders, rescuers, pet stores and shelters. That’s what DogMerchants.com is intended to be, in addition to serving as a marketing platform for the book.

I personally created the more basic, promotional sites for my book Little Boy Blue and the Little Boy Blue Schools Program, which are on WordPress CMS.

I’ve ghostwritten blogs, e-newsletters and website content for various brands in the marine industry, including using newsletter management systems such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and Benchmark.

I’m also a regular contributor to the Boats.com family of websites, including Yachtworld. My work for those brands is editorial with an SEO sensibility in the writing, just like the writing I do for online publication with Yachting.

Last but not least, I built the website you are looking at now. If you’ve gotten this far, I must have done something right…

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