I know how strange this sounds, but my two primary areas of expertise are boats and dogs.

Yes, I can and sometimes do write about other topics—including advertorial pieces for Atlantic Re:think about big data and the Internet of Things, hotel and destination features for companies such as Moffly Media, and occasional political news as a freelancer for The Washington Post—but most of my time goes to boats and dogs.

The boats, I have been covering since 2000, when I became executive editor at Yachting. I held that job for three years and then left to open my freelance business. (Administrative tasks are death by a thousand paper cuts.) I’m now recognized as one of the world’s top marine journalists. I’m still on the masthead at Yachting, as a regular contributor and freelance editor, and I do similar work most months with Yachts International, Soundings, Soundings Trade Only, Passagemaker and Angler’s Journal. I’m also a regular columnist for Discover Boating; I write for Compass, which is the magazine of the International Yacht Brokers Association; and I spent three years as president of the professional organization Boating Writers International.

The dogs are my personal passion. I started writing about them, and the entirety of the dog business, after adopting a mutt named Blue whose story begged to be told. My 2012 hardcover book Little Boy Blue was featured on CNN and helped end the use of a gas chamber in a North Carolina animal-control facility. My second dog book, The Dog Merchants, was the lead hardcover title for spring 2016 from Pegasus Books. That book led to legislative amendments regarding dog rescuers in New Jersey and new legislation regarding breeders in Colorado; was made required reading for animal-law undergrads at Rutgers University (in a course taught by New Jersey’s former state veterinarian); and won the Arlene Award for A Book that Makes A Difference. I’ve had dog-related bylines everywhere from Dogster and The Bark to Salon.com and The Boston Globe. Excerpts from my books have run across the spectrum from The New York Post to the New Republic. This story that I wrote about dog auctions ran on the Sunday front page of The Washington Post and won the 2019 Donald Robinson Prize for Investigative Journalism.

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