Hoping to Go Steppin’ Out

The team at McGraw Hill is having a meeting today that is expected to include discussion of one of my current book ideas, about how businesspeople can apply lessons from the world of freelance journalism to make the most of branding and soft selling just about anything in the new media age.

I’m so hopeful for a favorable response that I’m wishing on every star I see, including the you-rate-’em fashion pics of Angie and Brad at E! online.

So far, most of my book writing has been about travel. It would be a thrill to branch out and show that I’m more than a one-dress pony.

How Time Flies

My training continued this weekend for September’s mini-triathlon. I did eight miles on the bicycle alongside my sister, whose encouragement is the reason I signed up for the triathlon in the first place.

She’s three years younger than I am, which apparently translates into about 3 mph faster on the bicycle. I need time to fly more in my direction by race day.

Saying What I’ve Been Thinking

There’s an interesting discussion thread going on now at the Boating Writers International group at LinkedIn, with one of the marine industry’s bigĀ  publishing advertisers encouraging individual journalists to take the lead over existing media brands and build their own websites. Apparently, this advertiser believes individual journalists are better positioned than leading magazines to develop meaningful readership on the Web. And this advertiser has the dollars to support the best ideas.

It’s the first time I’ve heard that sentiment expressed so bluntly in a public forum. While it no doubt raised the hackles of many publishers whose magazines carry my byline, it also validates my decision to have launched CharterWave nearly three years ago.

As the current president of Boating Writers International, I’m working on ways to help my fellow journalists do exactly what I’ve done–and now with a bit more wind in my sails.

My Ever-Expanding Vocabulary

When I went freelance in 2003, I thought I’d enjoy a life focused on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Instead, each day is increasingly about data dumps, DNS propagation, and server redistribution.

Yes, we have the technology. But can it re-build me?

Shifting Gears a Little Faster

My training for September’s sprint triathlon continued at 6 a.m. today with an eight-mile bike ride. I shaved nearly four minutes off my time from the same route just three days ago.

This is the first time I’ve thought that I might actually be able to get to the bike-run transition area before they shut it down. Sure, I’ll still probably finish last in my age group, and yes, I expect to cross the finish line a good half-hour after they’ve given out the winners’ awards, but maybe I won’t be a complete embarrassment after all.

And I feel really great for trying.

Welcome to the New KimKavin.com

This website is designed for editors and fellow journalists who want to learn more about my skills and style.

Yes, the old KimKavin.com let you do that, too, but not with nifty features such as a live feed from my Twitter page, an RSS feed of my daily blog on CharterWave.com, and the ability to show you my first forays into vidcasting.

I hope this new site will keep pace technologically with all the new formats where I apply my journalism skills in the future. Thanks for taking the time to explore my body of work.