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Two Award Nominations from the Dog Writers Association of America

The Dog Merchants by Kim KavinI’m humbled and honored to share the news that my book The Dog Merchants has been named one of four finalists for Best Reference Book of 2016 in the Dog Writers Association of America Writing Competition.

It’s also a privilege to have one of my pieces on, about pet stores and dog auctions, named among the four finalists in the category for Best Blog Post or Article.

A full list of all the finalists is here. There’s a lot of talent on this list, and I wish all of the finalists good luck! Winners will be announced in mid-February.

My First Adapted Article from “The Dog Merchants”

The Dog MerchantsMy new book The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers will publish May 2 with Pegasus Books. It’s a follow-the-money look at the whole of the dog business, with the first half about breeding and the second half about rescue. My hope is that it will show dog lovers what we’re buying into with every dog we bring home, so we can work together for the good of all kinds of dogs, everywhere.

The first “sneak peek” came online yesterday at, which published “The Big Money Behind Best In Show” just in time for this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (which will conclude tonight on the USA Network). This is the first adapted article from the book to be published anywhere, and it was so widely shared in its first 24 hours online that it became one of the top Google News results for searches about the dog show itself.

Obviously, this adapted article pulls information from the first half of The Dog Merchants, which is about breeders. The next adapted article, scheduled to be published this month in The Bark magazine, pulls from the rescue half of the book.

Stay tuned, or simply read it all by pre-ordering your copy of The Dog Merchants today.

Now Open for Pre-Order: My New Book, The Dog Merchants

The Dog MerchantsI’m about as psyched as any author can be this week, because I’m finally able to release the cover art for my forthcoming book! The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers will be published May 2, 2016—and is available for pre-order now on

The Dog Merchants will be the lead spring hardcover title for Pegasus Books, with North America distribution by W.W. Norton.

In just the three days that the pre-order link has been online this week, and following a keynote speech I made at a Penguin Random House librarians’ event two weeks ago, The Dog Merchants has already become the No. 1 new release in one of Amazon’s top animal-book categories.

I’m so thankful for the early reader response, and I look forward to sharing all kinds of great information with you as we bring The Dog Merchants marketing campaign fully online during the next few months.

Stay tuned here, and please add my new website to your bookmarked favorites. There is much, much more to come.

My First Coffee-Table Book

The Stylish Life Yachting by has just made my first coffee-table book available for pre-order. It’s from “The Stylish Life” series by TeNeues, with a focus on yachts.

Though I do often take the photographs that run with my articles in yachting magazines, for this book I contributed the words only. TeNeues selected all the imagery, and I think they did a beautiful job.