Winner: Dog Writers Association of America

Updated February 15, 2021, changing “finalist” to “winner.” 🙂

I’m thrilled to share the news that this story I wrote for The Washington Post has been named the winner in the category of best newspaper article/any topic in the annual writing competition of the Dog Writers Association of America.

There’s a fun postscript to this article, too. The story is about the way the Covid-19 pandemic halted a lot of service-dog training, leaving people with disabilities without dogs to help them live their fullest possible lives. The man I wrote about in the story’s opener (pictured here) was struggling because he’s blind, and he needed a service dog to help him cross a busy road to get to the Tractor Supply store to buy things including dog food—while his wife was pulling double shifts as an emergency-room nurse treating Covid-19 patients.

The good people at Tractor Supply read the article, reached out to me and asked how to contact the man. They sent him a bunch of dog food, so he wouldn’t have to worry about crossing that busy road.

Congratulations to all the other winners in this DWAA category and others.

Published by kimkavin

I've been a full-time, freelance journalist since 2003. My main area of expertise is the global yacht charter industry. I also write regularly about my personal passion of dog rescue.

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