Dogs and books

Some big news today from the world of social media: There’s a new authors’ collective on Facebook called Dogs & Books where the authors of dog books talk with fans about all kinds of dog-related topics.

I’m excited to be one of the founding authors for this initiative. It’s the brainchild of Teresa Rhyne, who wrote the bestseller The Dog Lived (and So Will I) and who has a new dog book, Poppy in the Wild, coming out with Pegasus Books. That’s the same publisher as my second dog book, The Dog Merchants. A few other Pegasus authors, along with some authors from other publishing houses, are signing up to join the effort as well.

Our plan is to mix in all kinds of content, from Facebook Live “author talks” to conversations about interesting dog-related articles in the news.

If you’re a fan of dogs and books, please come and join us on Facebook.

Published by kimkavin

I've been a full-time, freelance journalist since 2003. My main area of expertise is the global yacht charter industry. I also write regularly about my personal passion of dog rescue.

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