Please, Fellow Journalists: Learn These Facts

ny-times-6-28-20I was incredibly disappointed this past weekend in The New York Times. I’m a print subscriber, and I truly value the news reporters and editors there. They do work that is second to none, anywhere in the world, when it comes to digging out and publishing important facts.

But the folks running the editorial/opinion page right now are a whole other story. They seem to lack even the most basic standards of research, most recently evidenced in this editorial that led the Sunday section. It’s about a labor law issue that my fellow freelance journalists and I care deeply about, because it threatens to destroy our careers. The Times Editorial Board blindly supported highly controversial legislation without even seeming to understand that basic fact.

I wrote this rebuttal today for DailyKos, urging readers to understand what this legislation really is. The Times Editorial Board led readers to believe that it’s only about the cost of an Uber ride. The truth is far, far more complicated.

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