2019 Eddie Awards: Finalist

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.07.47 PMI’m humbled and thrilled to share the news that for the second year in a row, I’ve been named a finalist in the magazine industry’s Folio: Eddie Awards.

And even better this year, I’m a finalist with a friend. I’m one of three finalists in the category Best Range of Work by a Single Author, for articles I wrote in the marine magazine Soundings. One of the other two finalists in that category is Pim Van Hemmen, who is the executive editor at Soundings. We always have eyes on each other’s work, pushing to make the reporting and writing as great as we can under the watch of Editor-in-Chief Jeanne Craig.

So, the way I see it, if either Pim or I win, we all win this year. (The same goes for Anglers Journal, a sister publication to Soundings that I help to edit, and that is a finalist for best full issue.)

Each finalist in the Range of Work category had to submit multiple articles that show the ability to write across various topics. My pieces competing in this category are about national policy on offshore seismic blasting and its effect on the marine ecosystem, the American Civil Liberties Union joining the legal battle against suspicionless searches of boats out on the water, retired military divers putting their skills to use to protect coral reefs, a man trying to bring back wind-powered cargo shipping on the Hudson River, and the monstrous sargassum blooms happening in Florida and the Caribbean.

I’m honored to have been named a finalist for this award. My sincere thanks to the judges, along with best-of-luck wishes to all the other finalists when the winners are announced in October.

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