When the Call Came

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 4.28.11 PMIn 17 years of writing for marine magazines, I’ve rarely had the chance to craft a story like this one that Yachting just published. I’m so thrilled to share it here.

Originally, this was supposed to be a much shorter piece, maybe 500 words at most. The reporting revealed that there was much more to the tale than any of us at Yachting originally realized, and the editor and art director worked with me to give the text several thousand words’ worth of room to breathe. We were able to take readers on an experience in the Atlantic Ocean that is at once heart-pounding and heartwarming, with some incredible photos like the one at right sent to the magazine by yacht crewmember Catherine Marks.

In the print edition, the headline was the same as on this blog post, “When the Call Came.” (The online headline, “Rescue in the Atlantic,” is more search-engine and social-media friendly.) I hope you enjoy reading the piece. It’s one of the coolest stories I’ve had the chance to write in nearly two decades of marine journalism.

One Comment on “When the Call Came

  1. Beautifully written, excellent article by Kim Kavin that documents the heroic rescue performed by the crew of the sailing charter yacht TILLY MINT – Andrew & Arwyn Kaiser (soon to take command of the 108′ Alloy sailing yacht MARAE) that Nicholson Yacht’s typically works with. This rescue at sea, while uncommon in the yacht charter realm clearly demonstrates the level of professionalism, experience and seamanship skills of the yacht crews Nicholson Yachts works with. With so much focus on the luxury side of the yacht charter industry these crucial skills that ensure the safety of yacht owners, guests and fellow crew alike do not get covered in the yachting media. Yet so much work that a yacht’s crew perform behind the scenes, is what assures a worry free yachting experience or vacation for yacht owners and charter guests. Thank you Kim for recounting so articulately this important story highlighting the seamanship of our professional charter yacht crew. Nicholson Yachts are very proud indeed!

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