On Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Dog Breeding

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-22-44-amMy latest story about dogs was published today by The Washington Post. It’s about a little-discussed sphere of the current political divide: the fact that our level of national vitriol is now keeping dogs in conditions that many of us find unacceptable.

I traveled to Ohio to report this story, to a county just west of that state’s hardest-hit Rust Belt regions. I spent a full day with a person whose political, religious and other views bear little resemblance to my own, and whose lifelong economic realities and educational opportunities are unimaginable to most people where I live, near Manhattan.

If you care at all about dogs—whether you voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or not at all—please take the time to give this story a read. I hope that you, as I did, will realize that we Americans often have more in common than we believe, and that if we can simply find ways to talk to one another, we just might be able to solve problems that desperately need our attention.

One Comment on “On Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Dog Breeding

  1. I work with rescue groups and have never heard of animal auctions until I heard your story on NPR press play today; We beg for pledges to save healthy dogs and cats from the shelters; Some of the dogs are pure breads, dumped because of the breeding health issues, because of life changes or because people lose interest; In my opinion, it is wrong to breed these animals exploit sell, because their value is priceless; My greatest 3 dogs were all from the street, dumped 2 black lab mixes and a terrier shepherd that was thrown out of a car because the guy was angry she was not a jack Russell terrier. My other 2 were wandering the street. I now have 4 dogs, from kill shelters. I would not trade them for the world, they are beautiful diverse; I believe the pure bread market caters to those that require status, they “paid” alot of money for an item, a thing, and some do become attached; I knew a doctor that always purchased golden retrievers, and after her last one passed away, she decided on a rescue, because she noticed the health problems from the pure bread dogs she purchased; It’s the fear of diversity, the need for something perfect, expensive that drives the breeders; And yes there is dog racism; if there is a choice between the yellow, blonde dog or the black dog, the yellow blonde gets adopted and the black dog is killed; Black dogs are the most euthanized besides pit bulls; Here in Los Angeles, all of California, we have an epidemic of pit bulls and chi’s; Many of these dogs are from breeders, backyard breeders and from Mexico. I could go on and on. Please contact me if you ever want to write a book on shelter dogs and the corrupt shelter systems.

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