A Visionary’s Playground

Buddy Darby
Buddy Darby aboard the 154-foot Perini Navi sailing yacht Andromeda la Dea, courtesy of Yachting magazine.

The September issue of Yachting magazine is one of my biggest efforts each year. I’m the charter editor, and for this issue I had to select and organize somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 of the world’s most interesting charter yachts while writing 29 pages of columns and features about what’s happening with these boats everywhere from New Zealand to the Florida Keys.

One of my favorite articles in the issue is about the new Christophe Harbour marina development on St. Kitts. It’s the vision of the man at right, Buddy Darby, who is also an owner of the 154-foot Perini Navi sailing yacht Andromeda la Dea, which charters through Churchill Yacht Partners. Suffice it to say that Darby knows a thing or two about all the tiny nuisances that can add up when you bring one of today’s big, modern yachts into marinas built 50 years ago or longer. It was fascinating to interview him and to learn about all the small details he’s tying together at this Caribbean property, which will cater to superyachts that are getting bigger and bigger with every season.

You can read my article about Darby and Christophe Harbour here at the Yachting site, or pick up the September issue on newsstands to see it along with all the other great charter content in the magazine.

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