“Little Boy Blue” Earns 100th Customer Review

Little Boy Blue coverSome writers obsess about their books’ customer reviews on Amazon.com. I’m not willing to put myself in that category, but I will admit to being excited about Little Boy Blue receiving its 100th customer review recently on the site. There’s just something about the number 100 that makes the whole process feel meaningful in terms of sample size. And it was yet another five-star recommendation, which also made me smile.

As of today, the book has 103 customer reviews on Amazon. A solid 94 percent of them are either four or five stars. Boy is that nice to see!

My heartfelt thanks to every reader who has taken the time to write a review—and especially to the readers who say the book inspired them to adopt a homeless dog. Those are the best reviews of all.

If you’d like to keep up with Blue and his happy life (he’s now 4 1/2 years old), please follow Little Boy Blue on Facebook. Most recently, he has been taking long trail walks with his adopted mutt sister, Ginger, and the two of them have been enjoying backyard playtime with a 14-week-old foster puppy. He has a five-star life, for sure.

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