Join Me at the 2014 ASJA Writers Conference

asja-2014As the head of the Contracts & Conflicts Committee for the American Society of Journalists and Authors, I’ve been asked to give a seminar at the 2014 ASJA Writers Conference in Manhattan My presentation will be bright and early, at 9 a.m. on Friday, April 25. It’s called “Contract Zingers and Traps: How to Protect Yourself.”

Our committee helps ASJA members review publishing contracts before signing them. A handful of worrisome contract clauses tend to pop up repeatedly, and those are the ones this presentation will feature. The talk will be geared toward new writers trying to make sense of jargon they’ll need to master in order to protect themselves legally and financially when accepting assignments. Specifically, I’ll be talking about things like waiving of moral rights, indemnity protections, defamation guarantees, copyright guarantees, privacy guarantees, pay on acceptance vs. pay on publication, and work made for hire vs. serial rights. Attendees will learn how to spot these topics in legal documents and amend the clauses so they’re fair to both parties.

You don’t have to be an ASJA member to attend on Friday. Everyone is welcome. If you’d like to register, this is the sign-up page.

And if you choose to become a member of ASJA before April, then you can also attend members-only day on Thursday, April 24, when my colleague Milton Toby from our committee will be giving a talk on mastering the art of negotiating contracts. He’s a great writer as well as a lawyer, and I’m looking forward to his presentation as well.

Hope to see you there!

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