“Little Boy Blue” Published in Korean

This is a first for me, having one of my books published in a foreign language. If it were in French, Italian, or Spanish, then I would be able to puzzle out at least a few of the sentences and paragraphs, but the first language that “Little Boy Blue” has been translated into is Korean.

To be honest, I can’t even figure out which of the characters spell my name, and the title looks more like an algebraic equation to me than anything else, but all in all I think the cover looks gorgeous. A friend-of-a-friend who speaks Korean tells me that the title over there is “72 Hours,” presumably for the amount of time that Blue (and all dogs) had in the North Carolina shelter before being killed for lack of a home.

I’m also told that last names are printed first in Korea, and that Kim is the last name of a large percentage of the population—so the name Kim Kavin looks like a local Korean author. Fascinating stuff!


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