My Favorite Boating Article in a Long, Long Time

thresholdThe August issue of Yachting magazine, out this week, contains my favorite article in a long, long time. I got to write the story of a couple’s travels aboard their 54-foot sailing yacht—which they have cruised some 38,000 miles around the world since the year 2000. I learned about them in a press release from the Cruising Club of America, which gave them its Far Horizons Award earlier this year. I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed not only to be interviewed, but also to share lots of photographs from their travels with Yachting‘s readers.

This couple really inspired me. They are not what you might expect from people being featured in Yachting magazine, where we often write about boats owned by the world’s multimillionaires and billionaires. Instead, he’s a retired airline pilot, and she’s a physician assistant. They were able to build their dream boat thanks to some good fortune in the dotcom stock market. They don’t have a captain, and they don’t have a crew. They are real do-it-yourself adventurers, seeing the farthest reaches of the world at the helm of their own boat, by their own wits, and of their own strength. They are down to earth, practical people who are out there living the dream that so many people share, but upon which so few people act. I absolutely loved talking with them and writing about them. It was truly my privilege.

I hope readers will enjoy this article as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please, grab the August issue of Yachting and turn to Page 38. If these folks have the same effect on you that they had on me, then you might just be inspired to set your own course for a far horizon.


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