Terrific Early Response for “Little Boy Blue”

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks since the advance copies of my book “Little Boy Blue” went out at Book Expo America on June 6. Among the recent developments:

  • I’ve received the first few official reviews (you know, from people other than my mother). So far 100 percent of the feedback is stellar. Feathered Quill Book Reviews wrote: “If you love dogs, this is one book you must read.” My other favorite was from a woman with more than 20 years of dog-rescue experience, who wrote, “It is the most insightful, on-target book I have ever read on the subject.”
  • Feathered Quill liked the book so much that they asked for an extended author interview, which went live on June 22.
  • Publisher Barron’s sold the audio rights to Audible.com, which means an audiobook of “Little Boy Blue” should be available by about October 1.
  • The publication date was pushed up from September 1 to the end of August to accommodate Barnes and Noble, which is planning in-store events at its front tables.
  • Our early-September book signing at Books-A-Million in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, was moved to their Philadelphia location in anticipation of strong reader turnout.

This is obviously exciting stuff for any author, and I couldn’t be happier with the initial feedback so far. If you’d like to keep up with all of the book’s news, check out the official “Little Boy Blue” website (you can subscribe to receive the blog updates via e-mail) or become a fan of Blue’s on Facebook.

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