All Signed Up—Let the Competition Begin!

I’ve just registered for my first two triathlons of the year: the Independence Triathlon in Pennsylvania this June, and the Delaware Diamondman Triathlon in September. Both are organized by Piranha Sports.

This will be my fourth year of competing in sprint-distance triathlons. I’ve gotten a little bit better each year, and last year (oh yes, I’m bringing it up again) I finally managed to beat my younger sister across the finish line for the first time. My goal for this year is quite simple. I don’t need medals or accolades. I simply need to beat her again so that she’ll quit calling me a one-win wonder.

The unseasonably warm weather here in New Jersey has helped this winter. I’m already running a few 5K’s each week with my fantastic pace car, also known as my 2-year-old dog, Blue. I’ve also been able to get on the bike earlier than usual thanks to the spring-like temperatures. Plus, a few lucky travel-writing assignments have landed me in places where I can swim a good half-mile at a time against ocean currents. All of this means I’m in better shape than in years past as the first race of 2012 approaches.

We’ll find out enough soon if that’s what it takes for me to hang on to my bragging rights. T-minus 10 weeks until go time.

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