My New Foster Dog, Buster, in Memory of the Chesterfield 22

Today, the dog-rescue groups Middle Mutts and Pilots N Paws are working together to move as many death-row dogs as possible from high-kill shelters to adopters and foster homes nationwide. Lulu’s Rescue, which helped to save my dog Blue, was asked to participate in the event. As a Lulu’s volunteer, I’ll be spending part of today meeting a private plane here in New Jersey and bringing this cutie pie from North Carolina, named Buster, to stay at my house until a permanent home can be found.

Today’s nationwide rescue event has been organized in memory of the 22 shelter dogs that were allegedly killed by workers from the Chesterfield, South Carolina, animal control facility back in March. While reports stated that only eight dogs were slated to be put down humanely on that winter’s day, activists claim that 22 dogs and puppies from the shelter were taken to the county’s landfill and shot. It is legal to shoot a dog in South Carolina, but apparently only in an emergency such as a rabid dog attacking a person. Activists claim that the Chesterfield 22 were shot by some shelter workers for no such reasons. (Investigations are continuing.)

The hope for today’s rescue event is to show that not just eight or 22, but far more dogs can find good homes instead of being killed if people just try to help them. Given all that I have learned about homeless dogs while reporting my forthcoming book, “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape,” I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked to participate.

Buster will be my third foster dog, following Izzy and Summer. Those lucky girls both went to live in mini-mansions on cul-de-sacs. Let’s see what I can do for this handsome boy, too.

If you are interested in learning more about Buster or adopting him, please visit the Lulu’s Rescue website.

Update: Here are some more photos that I shot of him after he’d had a single good night’s rest at my house (without complaining in his crate). Such a happy boy!

2 Comments on “My New Foster Dog, Buster, in Memory of the Chesterfield 22

  1. My dog is from the Chesterfield shelter. Thank god Lulu’s got her out in time.

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