Big Cat, New Food, Cool Job

Yachting magazine just uploaded my recent feature article about Che. This 114-foot beauty was, at the time I was aboard in the Northern Caribbean, the world’s largest sloop-rigged catamaran. She was also the second-largest sailing catamaran available for charter, anywhere. The photo at right is my colleague Robin O’Brien, a longtime charter broker with Fraser Yachts Worldwide, standing awestruck at the sheer height of the sails.

As if the experience of being aboard such a noteworthy yacht weren’t enough, this assignment also marked my official introduction to macrobiotic cuisine. That’s what Che‘s owners eat, and it’s what their chef specializes in, so I gave it a try. The miso soup for breakfast every morning was surprising. The fact that tuna and mangoes are to be limited or avoided was shocking. I definitely felt lighter and healthier after eating the chef’s offerings for a few days, and I was really surprised at how good a lot of the food tasted—especially the seaweed salad. (Though I’ll admit to sneaking a small chocolate bar and a beer one afternoon when I was ashore on St. Barth’s.)

Stories where I get to have experiences like these always remind me that I have a really cool job. Being a writer is the greatest gig on the planet. Even after more than a decade of working for various boating magazines, I still can’t believe I get paid to do this stuff.

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