2 Weeks, 2 Dogs, 2 Wonderful Homes

It’s been exactly two weeks since I returned from North Carolina, where I was reporting for my book “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape.” On my way out of the county where Blue was found—where the shelter has a 95-percent kill rate and a gas chamber—I picked up two dogs named Izzy and Summer who, like Blue, had been rescued by a local charity and needed good homes.

As of today, both Izzy and Summer are with their new families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They both live on cul-de-sacs with grassy backyards. They both have kids just bursting with love for them. And they both live in homes that, I think, most of us would describe as mini-mansions. Izzy even has a summer house down at the Shore where her new family is going to teach her to frolic in the surf.

Kudos to CARE in North Carolina for saving these wonderful dogs from the shelter’s gas chamber, and to Lulu’s Rescue in Pennsylvania for helping them to find great homes up North. I’m already looking forward to my next foster dog arriving about a week from now. I’m told that he’s a yellow Labrador mix, and that he’ll be touching down in New Jersey by way of a private plane thanks to the good people at Pilots N Paws.

All of these organizations, by the way, are among the more than two dozen sources that are featured in the working draft of “Little Boy Blue.” Wait until you read about all of the wonderful things they’re doing for homeless dogs. They have inspired me to help. I can’t wait to do more.

One Comment on “2 Weeks, 2 Dogs, 2 Wonderful Homes

  1. Wow!! I am so excited for Izzy & Summer!! Thank you for caring so much about the welfare of animals and for opening up your heart and home to these two precious babies. What a great beginng to a “not so good past”. Summer and Izzy want to thank you, Kim for giving them both a new leash on life! Hugs from your friends in NC! 🙂

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