Izzy and Summer Need Good Homes

I spent all of last week in North Carolina reporting for my book “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape,” which is due out in hardcover from Barron’s Books in August 2012. Much of my time was spent in animal control facilities where I was surrounded by puppies and dogs that were going to be killed because nobody would give them a home. Most of them were beautiful, loving, friendly dogs who just had the lousy luck of ending up at the shelters. Some will die by lethal injection. Others will die in a gas chamber.

Izzy at about 6-7 months old. She loves to run and play in the yard!

While I of course wanted to save them all, I was only able to safely transport two back to my New Jersey home. I am now fostering them right alongside my boy, Blue, and they are all getting along famously. The foster dogs’ names are Izzy and Summer. If you are interested in adopting them, please apply through Lulu’s Rescue.

Izzy is about seven months old and is a gorgeous Australian shepherd mix with a shiny coat of black hair. She currently weighs about 30 pounds. She has a docked tail and super-fuzzy ears, and all the natural herding instincts that go along with her breed. She is sweet and playful, and she cannot get enough running and playing fetch in my back yard. Izzy is also very smart and, I think, would do well in obedience training. She figured out my doggie door inside of three minutes, and she has already learned to sit on command when I grab a handful of Milk-Bones. I’m working on crate training her, too, so her new family will not have to do so. I think Izzy would do great in a home where there is a fenced-in yard for her to romp and play. She would also be good in a family with children, as she lets kids pick her up by the front paws to dance. She absolutely adores having fun.

Summer is a little shy, but such a sweetie that she melts my heart

Summer is a year and a half or two years old and is a petite Labrador mix who is fully grown at about 25 pounds. She was so nervous at first that I couldn’t even get her to eat from a bowl, but after a day of settling in, she gulps down her food while wagging her tail the entire time. Summer is sweet, loving, and playful and absolutely craves human attention. She is a shy girl who obviously has taken some hard knocks in life, but she is as submissive and gentle as any dog I’ve ever met. Summer just wants to be loved. And she works hard at being lovable, too, with not one accident in the house and chewing only the dog toys that I give her. She would do great in a home where the family is looking for a dog who is playful and sweet, and more gentle than rambunctious. Summer needs a family that will also be understanding if it takes her a little while to feel comfortable. Once she realizes she is safe, she will be grateful and loving for a lifetime.

Both Izzy and Summer are available for adoption through Lulu’s Rescue. Please help me find them great homes!

One Comment on “Izzy and Summer Need Good Homes

  1. Wow! Summer and Izzy look fantastic. Thank Mom for taking such good care of them. Hope to hear they are adopted soon.

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