My Dog Will Soon Have More Facebook Friends Than I Do

As I mentioned last month, I recently signed a deal with Barron’s Books in New York to write “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape.” It is the story of a wonderful puppy I adopted into my New Jersey home about a year ago, the taxpayer-funded shelter in North Carolina that was going to kill him in a gas chamber, and the army of volunteers working nationwide to save dogs and puppies like him through cross-country transports every day. The hardcover is due out in August 2012.

I’m doing a lot of interviews for the book this summer, and just last month, I created a website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page where folks can follow my progress. The website and Twitter feed, I write in my own voice. The Facebook page, well, that’s where my boy Blue talks directly to his friends and fans.

Now, my personal Facebook page is just that. While I have thousands of people connected to my various blogs and Twitter feeds, I only have about 150 Facebook friends. They’re my actual friends, people with whom I want to chat and stay in touch.

My dog Blue, who just got onto Facebook last month, already has half that number—and is gaining a surprising number of friends every single day. All kinds of people are talking to him through Facebook, including people interested in “Little Boy Blue” the book as well as people who are just happy to see a rescued puppy having a great life. He even has been friended by other dogs that we know around town.

I never thought I’d see the day when my dog has more Facebook friends than I do, but it’s apparently coming, and fast.

And to think, just a few months ago, I was still teaching him not to chew on my laptop’s power cord…

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