CharterWave Readership Reaches about 6,500 Per Month

I am pleased to announce that the average number of unique visitors who are now checking out my website CharterWave every month is about 6,500—the highest total since the site launched back in 2006.

Now, while 6,500 monthly visitors may not sound like a lot compared with big-media websites, it represents absolute market penetration in the world of luxury yacht charter, which CharterWave covers. According to the most recent Superyachting Index, only about 2,500 luxury yacht charters are booked every year worldwide. That’s an average of about 200 per month, just a fraction of the 6,500 people now researching such vacations each month on CharterWave.

I’d also like to put the site’s readership in context compared with megayacht print publications. Boat International Media, which publishes the leading titles Showboats, Boat International, Meer & Yachten, Mer & Bateaux, Boat International China, and Boat International Russia, announced last month that it has a total paid circulation of 8,500 readers for all of them—combined. That means the monthly readership on CharterWave is now rivaling the paid print circulations for many of the world’s leading superyacht magazines.

It’s just as much a delight for me to see CharterWave building such a dedicated audience as it has been to win recent awards for the site’s editorial content and to welcome the financial support of ever more advertisers. Thanks to everyone who is helping CharterWave maintain its status as the world’s leading website dedicated to the luxury yacht charter industry.

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