“Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape”

I’m thrilled to announce that I have just inked a deal with Barron’s Books to write my ninth book, which will also be my first hardcover. The working title is “Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape.”

“Little Boy Blue” is the story of a wonderful puppy I adopted about a year ago after seeing the photograph at right on the Petfinder website. I didn’t know it at the time, but Blue had been pulled at the last hour from a taxpayer-funded animal shelter in North Carolina that was going to kill him in a gas chamber. At least seven people worked across five states to save him and find him a permanent home (mine). His story will be the first-ever written about America’s grass-roots movement to save dogs like him, by moving them via cross-country transports in the style of the Underground Railroad.

If you’d like to follow the progress of “Little Boy Blue” as it goes into publication, you can check out the official “Little Boy Blue” website, follow “Little Boy Blue” on Twitter, or become a friend of Blue’s on Facebook.

Anyone who has information they’d like to suggest for the book may do so through early October, when the manuscript will be completed. Feel free to contact me with anything that you believe might be relevant.

5 Comments on ““Little Boy Blue: One Puppy’s Great Escape”

  1. Congratulations Kim, great story idea. I’ve put the word out to my people that have done this interstate transport of fuzzheads like yours.

    • Friends in Ft. Lauderdale do dalmation rescues. Search for them with “Dalmatian rescue So Fla” on facebook and see how they communicate. I have emailed Pati to contact you for firsthand stories.

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