Thanks, American Tourister, for a Disgusting Job Well Done

If you, like me, have a dog, then you, like me, occasionally have to deal with some pretty disgusting stuff.

Yesterday, I had a doozie. A Realtor was en route to show my house when my 15-month-old dog Blue started to vomit. I’m not sure what he’d found in the yard that had so violated his tummy, but within five minutes, I was cleaning up messes in the bedroom, in the dining room, and dripping like a waterfall down the staircase. There was no time to waste before the Realtor arrived, so I had no choice but to put Blue into the back seat of my car, upset stomach and all.

It’s an eight-minute drive to the nearest park, and Blue vomited four times in those eight minutes. He kept tossing chunks in the back seat on the passenger side. I opened all the windows and urged him to move to the other side of the back seat so that he wouldn’t smell the mess quite so much, but he refused to shift to the empty space behind me on the driver’s side. Then we got to the park, I opened the back door, and I realized why—because while Blue had been puking on one side of the car, he’d been having explosive diarrhea on the other.

Now, Blue turned out to be just fine. Whatever it was that got inside his belly worked its way out during our walk, and he’s been eating and playing like a champ ever since. But the beige leather seats in my six-month-old Honda CR-V? About them, I was highly concerned.

As it turns out, I had no reason to worry. My sister had given me an American Tourister Car Seat Cover for Christmas, and Blue had been emptying both sides of his intestinal tract directly onto it, instead of onto my seats. Here’s a photo of the product, complete with a nice-looking, non-puking dog who has a bright future with a modeling agency:

Not a speck of anything seeped through this seat cover, and all I had to do was unclip it and toss it into the washing machine one time with a little detergent to get it clean. It came out good as new, smelling a heck of a lot better than Blue himself at that particular moment.

I don’t typically write blog posts that might be mistaken for paid product placements, but I’d just like to say kudos to American Tourister for making a quality product that lives up to its promises. If only it came in a shape that I could place on my staircase at key moments before real-estate showings…

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