I’m a Cover Girl

Okay, not that kind of cover girl, but I am proud to tell you that I shot the photograph on the cover of the March 2011 edition of Yachting magazine, which goes out to subscribers this week.

The photo is of the 183-foot Benetti motoryacht Four Aces, which I was aboard for this issue’s feature article last summer. I shot the photo while holding my balance in a rolling tender off the coast of Corsica.

The city in the background is Bonifacio, whose old town is part of a citadel that overlooks southern Corsica’s main harbor. If we had been marauding invaders a hundred years ago, the lookouts would have seen us from the buildings overhead before we had time to cruise behind the cliffs and into the town itself. We would have met boatloads of defenders, as opposed to coffee shops, waterfront restaurants, and tourist-friendly walkways.

People often ask me how I capture photos like this, what with the megayacht rolling in the surf, my tender rolling in the surf, and the wind and sun coming in and out of play. The answer is that I shoot a heck of a lot of photos, and most of them come out a little crooked. To nab this perfect cover shot, I spent at least a half-hour shooting the yacht at different angles in front of Bonifacio—and that day’s photo shoot was one among several that we did in other locations around Corsica that week. Without the help and patience of Capt. Will Keiser and his crew, a photograph like this could never happen.

The article that goes along with this photograph should be online at the Yachting website soon. Just search for the yacht name “Four Aces” and it should come up first in the results. Or, of course, you can head out to the local newsstand and pick up a copy of the printed magazine today. There also should be free copies available at the Yachting booth if you’re attending the Miami International Boat Show later this week.

One Comment on “I’m a Cover Girl

  1. Great photo of a really nice power yacht guided by an even nicer true gentleman Capt. Will Keiser. I meet Will and members of his crew in Sint Maarten this past February who I’m sure made your assignment on the Four Aces an enjoyable experience.

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