All Hail the Geek Squad (and Maybe the Blackberry People, Too)

On December 31, my hard drive ate itself. A virus tore into the deepest recesses of my computer, obliterating everything from my book proposals to my list of business contacts. Yes, I had serious virus protection on the computer. No, I hadn’t backed up in a good six months. Yes, I felt like I was bedside with a terminally ill relative as I pulled all the USB inputs, power sources, and cable wires from the dusty back of my machine.

I shuffled with worried eyes and my tower in my arms directly into the Best Buy of Bridgewater, N.J., where the Geek Squad has a service center. They’ve helped me with minor problems in the past, but nothing on this scale. I had no idea whether they even had the skills to resuscitate what was left of my business archives.

It took a few days of terrified waiting, plus a few more days of me re-installing and re-booting programs with the patience of a Buddhist monk, but as of today, I am 90 percent back in business. The only thing the Geek Squad was unable to save was my Microsoft Outlook contacts file—a serious problem, but one that can apparently be fixed by a reverse flow of information from my Blackberry. Once I complete that delicate procedure tomorrow, I should be nearly as good as new.

Except, of course, for the week’s worth of lost work time and the utter aggravation of having to rebuild my technological self. Back up your files, my friends, and have the good brains of the Geek Squad on standby just in case. I’ll take them over the captain of the baseball team any day of the week.

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