Last Day of Training for a Last Chance to Win

Today is the last day of training before my final triathlon of the year, the Dottie’s House End-of-Season at Island Beach State Park, New Jersey.

The race this Sunday will also be my last chance of the year to place ahead of my younger sister, who thus far has bested me in all five triathlons we’ve done since September 2009. She beat me by less than 10 minutes in this particular triathlon last year, and my speed on the bicycle has improved by about 3 mph since then, so I have a real shot at bragging rights in time for Thanksgiving.

My husband is also competing on Sunday, as part of a relay team with two of my nephews. They’re calling themselves “Triple Threat.” My 40-year-old husband is running the last leg, a 5K, after our 23-year-old nephew (a lifeguard) handles the quarter-mile ocean swim and our 27-year-old nephew (a long-distance bicycler) makes short order of the 10-mile bike course.

Hopefully, we old folks won’t let the kiddies down. And no matter who wins, I hope nobody will want to take keepsake family photos of us standing next to the youngsters in Spandex!

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