“The Lost Dogs” is a Treasure Found

Last month, I told you I couldn’t wait to read “The Lost Dogs” by my friend Jim Gorant. My copy arrived on Tuesday, and I turned the last page just before midnight last night. I could not put this book down, except for the few times I felt the need to hug my dogs and promise that they would never, ever face a moment of what these loving creatures endured. I gave my rescued pit bull mix an extra pat on the head, just for being the breed she is.

Ironically, as I was reading about some of the most horrific things that NFL star Michael Vick did to innocent dogs, his name was flashing repeatedly across my Facebook screen. It seems the Philadelphia Eagles have just named him starting quarterback for this weekend’s game. Fans are cheering, at least in cyberspace.

I wonder how they will feel after reading the scorching detail about Vick’s dogfighting operation that this book exposes. Gorant’s reporting is exceptional, his writing is terrific, and his book is on par with those of the best narrative nonfiction writers working in America today. “The Lost Dogs” is at once disturbing, uplifting, and illuminating. Go buy a copy right now.

Kudos, Jim Gorant, on a job well done—with a story well worth telling. I hope “The Lost Dogs” stays on the bestseller list for many, many months to come.

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