Ah, the Benefit of Jet Lag

It’s less than a week now until the 2010 Delaware Diamondman Triathlon. This was my first-ever triathlon last year, and it’s the longest-distance triathlon I’ve entered this year. As an added twist, I’ll be competing this year not only against my sister, but also, for the first time, against my husband.

I felt ready last weekend, when my training times had me on pace to complete the triathlon a solid 15 minutes faster than last year. I also felt good while training this past week off the coast of Corsica, where I was on a story assignment aboard a yacht. Bless the captain’s heart, he anchored the boat a little more than a quarter-mile off a beach so that I could swim back and forth against the current and chop—while everyone else indulged in cocktails and sunbathing.

My preparation these next few days will include getting over my six-hour jet lag, but not entirely. I figure that if I can continue feeling fresh and awake at 4 a.m. until this weekend, I’ll have a real advantage over my sister and husband at the 5:30 a.m. registration. They are faster than I am, but they are also used to sleeping past sunrise.

As with so many things in life, I’m taking my advantages where I can find them!

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