The Everything Travel Guide to Italy: Even My Dad Likes It

Two weeks ago, a telephone conversation with my Dad:

“Your Mom and I are thinking about taking a vacation to Italy. Have you ever been to Italy?”

“Um, yes, I go every May to report from the charter yacht show in Genoa. You always dog-sit for me. Ten years in a row now. Don’t you remember me bringing you Parmesan cheese just a few weeks ago as a thank you?”

“Right! That’s good cheese. You’re always traveling somewhere. … Anyway, what can you tell me about things to see and do in Italy?”

“Dad, I wrote a whole book about things to see and do in Italy. It came out in March.”

“You did?”

“I did. I gave a copy to Mom. It’s somewhere in your house, probably on the bookshelf in the computer room where she has all my books lined up in a row.”

“Great! Send me a copy too. I don’t know where she puts anything, and I need to learn about Italy.”

About a week later, another telephone conversation with my Dad.

“I’ve been reading that book you sent me about Italy. It’s really good.”

“Thanks, glad you liked it!”

“I’m really surprised. It’s full of all kinds of information about things to see and do in Italy.”

“What did you think, Dad, that I’d write a lousy guide book?”

“No, I just meant that I’m surprised you know so much about so many things to do in Italy. There are a lot of great ideas in here. There’s a lot of stuff that Mom and I could do. We are going to use this book.”

“Okay, well, glad it was helpful. Let me know if you have more questions.”

“I was really excited that my name was in it, too, with all the thank you’s.”

“I thank you and Mom in the acknowledgments of all eight books I’ve written, Dad. Is this the first time you’ve opened one of the books I sent you?”

“Well, the other ones weren’t about Italy, so I guess I didn’t notice. But this one about Italy, this is a really good book. People should buy this.”

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