What a great name for an event, right?

I wish I could claim credit, but it’s the brainchild of Paul and Eileen Dalrymple, who own Plaid Piper Farm in Sussex County, N.J. You may recall this blog post that I wrote about them back in September, when I drove up to their farm to get my year’s worth of pig products like ham and chops—and thus support their efforts to sustainably farm the land, protect our ecosystem from pesticides and antibiotics, and treat animals humanely.

I was back at the farm this past Saturday for their first-ever Meatstock, an afternoon of fun for all ages. Paul and Eileen provided the meats and grills, we guests brought side dishes, and after a lovely barbecue lunch overlooking the Plaid Piper pond, we all toured the farm with Paul as our guide. He showed us everything from his mobile chicken coop (which  gives chickens plenty of free-range space and eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers) to his grazing cattle (which eat grass instead of being force-fed corn and antibiotics, and whose eating method naturally repairs land damage done by previous farmers).

I’m so thrilled to be a customer of Plaid Piper Farm, and I encourage every meat-eater out there to join me. They still have some pork and chicken available for this fall’s customers, if you want to order using this online form.

If you’re interested in learning why I believe farms like Plaid Piper deserve support from us all, then check out books like “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” or watch the documentary “Food, Inc.” They explain the corporate farm system that controls most of the U.S. meat supply, and how that system differs from the traditional farming methods that Paul and Eileen are using to reduce ecological problems and animal cruelty.

Here’s the trailer for “Food, Inc.,” which explains the system Paul and Eileen are abandoning (with my utmost gratitude and support):

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