Oh, How I Love to Actually Write

More and more these days, my freelance writing career is moving online. I’m not complaining about the work (heck, I’m happy to have it in the current economic climate), but web writing is a different animal than book or magazine writing. Much of my day is now spent crafting short bits, from Twitter-friendly sentences to Google-friendly paragraphs. My word choices are far more about search engines than they are about narrative, scene setting, and tone.

Yesterday was different. I had the pleasure of working on a 2,200-word feature for Traveler Overseas, a magazine that targets experienced world travelers. I’ve written for this title several times, and I continue to appreciate the way the editor lets writers actually tell stories—with multiple characters and scene locations and everything!

It’s rare to get 2,200 words worth of space anywhere these days, let alone in a magazine that challenges writers to craft high-quality prose the way Traveler Overseas does. The magazine is a rare gem. I feel blessed to have the opportunity, and I’m once again reminded of why I became a writer.

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