The Everything Travel Guide to Italy

My newest book, The Everything Travel Guide to Italy, is now available via this page on and on bookstore shelves everywhere.

I’m excited to see this one in print, as it was originally slated to be published about a year ago. International travel took a nosedive along with the recession, and the publisher responded by postponing the first print run until Americans once again began to show interest in overseas vacations.

As disappointed as I was at the time, I now think it was the right move. I made my annual pilgrimage to Italy just last week, and all the hotel managers and restaurant owners I know told me that only in the past month or so have Americans begun to return to the country after more than a year of staying home.

The Everything Travel Guide to Italy is my fifth book in the Adams Media “Everything” series. My next will be the second edition of The Everything Travel Guide to Las Vegas, which is already written and awaiting a rebounding travel market in Sin City before publication.

2 Comments on “The Everything Travel Guide to Italy

  1. Congratulations, Kim! The road to getting a book published these days, unless you are a celebrity or a powerhouse author, seems to be a teeth-gnashing route through the land of disappointment.

  2. Thanks so much, Julie. And believe me, I have had a good number of other proposals die in the time it took to get this book published. Keep pitching. Something will stick!

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