ASPCA Memorial Gift: A Thoughtful, Wonderful Gesture

It’s been interesting this past week to observe the ways that people offer condolences following the death of my 15-year-old beagle mix.

The “dog people” all say something like, “So very sorry for the death in your family.” They’re calling to check on me pretty much every day, knowing that the tiniest things, like finding dog hair in the dryer’s lint trap, are making me cry.

The “non-dog people” all say something like, “Sorry about your dog.” Then they move on to other news of the day, as if I’ve experienced something akin to finding a dead plant in the kitchen.

It’s obviously the thought that counts, and I of course appreciate all the well wishes no matter their form, but the one that has touched me most arrived in yesterday’s mail. It was a card from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stating that an ASPCA donation has been made in memory of Floyd by my good friend Liz.

What a thoughtful, wonderful gesture. I can’t believe I never thought to do this for my friends and family who have lost their own beloved pets.

The ASPCA makes it simple, with this page on its website offering various denominations (it appears that you can give as little as $1), multiple styles of snail-mail and e-cards, and easy PayPal or credit card payment choices. You can even include a personal note in the card, as Liz so beautifully did for me.

And the money, of course, goes to helping dogs and other animals that are in need of food, shelter, and medical care. (Just as Floyd was nearly 16 years ago, when I rescued him from a farmer who no longer wanted to feed him and threatened to drown him in a river in a bag of rocks.)

Thanks so much, Liz, not only for this heartfelt gesture, but also for introducing me to the idea of memorial donations to the ASPCA. I’m sure that many of our fellow “dog people” will embrace this service as well, now that they know it exists.

3 Comments on “ASPCA Memorial Gift: A Thoughtful, Wonderful Gesture

  1. Oh yes, I absolutely agree this a worthy cause.
    They also have a great, active thrift shop that accepts all kinds of donations. I have donated many items there and bought great stuff. I used to frequent the store in Eatontown NJ

  2. I’m sorry I am one of the non-dog people guilty of the above response. Very glad you have found the ASPCA cards so touching and a good way to honor Floyd’s memory and life. Again, I’m sorry my non-dog response has been noted as, well, short. You’re making me reconsider how I react when friends tell me their pets aren’t doing well.

  3. Oh no! I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel bad… I sincerely do appreciate well wishes of all sorts. Truly!

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