Apparently, the Flame Still Burns

About two years ago, Adams Media published my book “The Everything Guide to Magazine Writing.” Something new must be swirling in the wind about this title, because in the past couple of days I’ve received back-to-back compliments about it.

The first came from a woman who was my intern at a newspaper where we both worked more than a decade ago. She’s now in her 30s and considering a move from full-time to freelance journalism, and she spotted my tome in her local bookstore. I hadn’t heard from her in 10 years when I received her e-mail stating how much the book has helped her.

That alone was enough to put a smile on my face, but it grew wider when I read this newly posted book review by a writer who says, “I’ve read countless books on freelance writing, and none has lit so strong a fire under my a** to try breaking into the industry as this one.”

Here I am thinking this book is smoldering on a backlist, and it’s out there lighting fires under a**es.


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