I’m attempting this month to build my first website entirely from scratch. My goals are to be able to “speak geek” to programmers a whole lot better for my complex websites, and to be able to do a moderate level of customization on WordPress sites without having to hire a programmer at all.

This week, I taught myself the basics of HTML and CSS. Yesterday, I tried to put this new knowledge to use.

It all started out so well.

I successfully created a MySQL database in C-Panel to support the newest version of WordPress, which I manually installed after FTPing it onto my server space. The website appeared on screen, and I literally screamed with delight. Then I customized the theme, installed a few widgets, and built a few pages. I located and read the HTML and CSS code that supports the site, determined the line of code I needed to change an image, and attempted to insert the new code so that my site’s logo would appear.

Something went hokey with “permissions.” I apparently did not have the ones I needed to do what I was attempting to do. So I tried to change the permissions…

… and made it impossible for myself or anyone else to see or edit the website.

Phase Two of my climb up this learning curve will begin on Monday, when I plan to uninstall everything I did and begin entirely anew. Let’s hope I don’t crash the entire World Wide Web a la some 1980s Matthew Broderick movie.

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