My New Literary Agency

Exciting news: I have just signed on with a new literary agency.

My new literary agent, Brandi Bowles, is part of the team at Foundry Media. Foundry is a New York City-based agency that not only has a strong background in book publishing, but that also is well-known for negotiating foreign-rights deals, television and movie deals, online media deals, and more.

Brandi tells me that our first book proposal together is already in the hands of key publishing executives for consideration. Here’s hoping that this new relationship gets off to a strong start and continues for a long time to come!

2 Comments on “My New Literary Agency

  1. Way to go, Kim. It took a lot of work to get that far, I’m sure, and there’s more work ahead, but you’ve soared over the first big hurdle–or in boating terms, you’ve got the yacht picked out, you ‘ve hired the crew, and now it’s just a matter of securing the financing and setting sail.

  2. Thanks, Julie!

    My former agent quit the publishing business altogether, and I’ve been looking for a new agent since fall 2009. Hopefully Brandi and I will be a good match for crafting sought-after proposals.

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