My Newest Membership: FYBA

I’m a believer in professional organizations. No, I don’t join every group under the sun, but I get real value from serious professional groups that offer educational seminars, networking opportunities, and the like. It’s the reason I recently completed three volunteer years as president of Boating Writers International, and why I am an active member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

When it comes to my primary area of journalism expertise (yacht charter), the professional group pickins are slim. It’s not that such groups don’t exist, but instead that they are reserved for people who sell yachts and charter vacations. Those of us in the media who cover the industry are often excluded from yachting’s professional organizations, for reasons I’ve never been able to understand.

I was thus thrilled a few years ago when CYBA International became the first yachting organization to welcome me as an affiliate member (I’m one of only two journalists ever invited to submit an application), and today I received word that the Florida Yacht Brokers Association has cashed my check and made me an affiliate member, as well.

Being an affiliate member of FYBA is a new and great source of pride for me, a reminder that the industry I cover values my work in magazines, in books, and on my websites CharterWave, BrokerageBoss, and BoaterMouth. I’m both honored and thrilled to be able to call myself a FYBA member.


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