Aw, Shucks

I just downloaded the new edition of Soundings Trade Only, the trade magazine of the marine industry. What a nice surprise to read columnist Wanda Kenton-Smith‘s take on my new brand, BoaterMouth, after attending its partnership deal coming-out party at the Miami International Boat Show.

Wanda writes: “I attended the champagne toast of a new win-win partnership launched between Dominion Enterprises’ and and the newly organized, the latter a group of 12 award-winning marine journalists who are now providing expert editorial content for the Web sites’ 3.5 million monthly visitors.

“BoaterMouth founder and longtime marine journalist Kim Kavin is one smart cookie. Her visionary concept and ability to repackage her skill set and those of her colleagues to meet the demands of the new digital and social media age deserves recognition. Kim’s fast-forward business re-engineering is a model for all corners of the industry.”

What a nice ray of sunshine on a rainy Tuesday morning. Thank you, Wanda!

2 Comments on “Aw, Shucks

  1. Congratulations, Kim. What a great idea. Wanda’s right–it is a model that could be replicated in plenty of other journalistic niches. Wish I’d thought of it.

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