Yeah. My Job is Awesome.

There is a man out there in the world of luxury yacht charter who owns both a 150-foot motoryacht, called Vita, as well as a 136-foot J-Class sailing yacht, called Ranger. He offers them for tandem charters at a weekly base rate of $210,000, hoping that charter guests will enjoy the boats the way he does: fine dining and relaxation aboard Vita, and first-class sailing aboard Ranger.

I was thrilled to get an invitation from management company Northrop & Johnson to spend an afternoon aboard both boats last month in Antigua, where I enjoyed a gourmet luncheon on Vita followed by a few hours of sailing aboard Ranger.

Just today, I created and posted the following video to my site CharterWave, with highlights of my experiences aboard both yachts. Enjoy!

One Comment on “Yeah. My Job is Awesome.

  1. Do not work for this publisher—I can’t believe they are still in business! I worked for that rag for a few days onsite and walked out. It was a hellish boiler room, a very tense atmosphere and unprofessional management.

    Yes, it’s true–as the rip-off report claims–they do insist on “pre-paid” Ads.
    They’d claim an issue was at the printer, yet it hadn’t been designed!

    The rebuttal is hilarious. I wonder who really wrote it?

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