Thank You, James Cameron

A lot of people my age remember E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the original Star Wars trilogy for their trendsetting special effects. For me, though, those movies hold deeper memories. They were the only kind we could get my Dad to go see with us little girls, and they gave us years of conversation about everything from science to mythology with a great guy who otherwise didn’t quite know what to say to daughters in pigtails.

I have tried over the years to recapture those magical movie experiences with my Dad, with only the Star Wars prequels making the cut–until now.

On Christmas Eve, my Dad took our whole family to see Avatar in 3D by director James Cameron. It was the first time since 2005, when the final Star Wars prequel was released, that I was able to sit side-by-side in a theater with my Dad and ooh and aah at the magic that only a great popcorn movie can create.

Yes, that was us applauding and cheering at the end. And not just because Avatar is a terrific film. For me, at least, the applause was also for the experience that the director allowed me to once again share with my Dad.

Thank you, Mr. Cameron. As Christmas memories go, Avatar is one I will treasure.

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