The New Kindle: I’m Already an Addict

Nobody tell my mother, but that Kindle that I’m supposed to have wrapped up and waiting to go under the Christmas tree on Friday? Yeah… um… I’ve already read and archived three books, subscribed to a couple of blogs, and e-mailed myself a PDF version of a book that I downloaded off the Internet for free.

I am in deep, sweet love with this brilliant little gadget. Sexy red leather cover and all.

What’s really interesting is that everywhere I take it (sorry, Mom, but it’s already been out of the country and back), other people ask me if they can hold it, play with it, and read a little bit on it, too. It was the talk of our annual holiday party here on the block. My neighbors passed it around more than the deviled eggs. Nobody wanted to hear my Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas CD. They wanted to hear the Kindle read a few paragraphs from the current bestseller “Too Big to Fail.”

I am quite certain that during the past three weeks, I have helped Amazon sell at least four additional Kindles. Maybe five. I’m a walking advertisement for the thing. I cannot put it down or stop talking about its utter awesomeness.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Kindle because, like me, you are used to being a lover (and/or a writer) of “real” books, I urge you to open your mind and, then, your wallet. You have nothing to lose but overcrowded book shelves, thinning forests, and, well, more of your time that will now go to reading great books.

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