The New Age of Kim

I finally have succumbed.

It’s been a long stretch of holding out in my personal little Luddite bunker. Yes, I build websites and am as digitally advanced in that respect as any other journalist, but I have seriously avoided hand-held gadgets for fear of altering increasingly large chunks of my day-to-day life.

The Blackberry has been my foremost enemy, for two reasons. First: I dread becoming one of those people who thinks it’s okay to stop talking and start typing while mid-conversation with a real, live human being. Second: I don’t want anyone to think they can reach me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Having to call and actually talk to me seems to be a strong mental barrier against those who would bother me with the inanity and absurdity of many a text message.

Oddly, it is the ability to Tweet untethered that now brings me to the Blackberry universe. The opposite of inanity and absurdity, I admit, it is not. And yet I cannot quell the desire.

The Kindle, I thought was just plain stupid until I began to covet a fellow passenger’s 10-ounce beauty during an airline flight where I was toting about seven pounds of paperbacks. I’m now downright giddy about the idea of $9.99 bestsellers that a machine will read to me if my eyes get tired.

The iPod Shuffle, I actually deemed a detriment to personal safety. Way back in 1996, I suffered the nightmare scenario of a stranger sneaking up behind me and attacking me at random with a knife. Ever since, I’ve had the obsessive need to hear everything around me at all times. I guess it’s true that time heals all wounds; some 13 years later, as I jog five mile stretches to train for triathlons, I want to hear more than the sound of my own two feet. I’m finally ready to hear music, just like everybody else, and I feel the overwhelming desire to have it contained within a lightweight, absurdly small, and stylishly colored case.

So there it is. I finally have succumbed.

Welcome to the New Age of Kim.

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