BoaterMouth: All Boat Talk, All the Time

BoaterMouth Logo Talk BubbleIt’s alive.

Well, not quite. But the buzz sure is gaining a life of its own.

This week at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, I am introducing my soon-to-launch site BoaterMouth. I spent Wednesday night and all day yesterday walking the docks with handouts and my laptop, showing the BoaterMouth concept to boatbuilders and other marine manufacturers. Essentially, I have scooped up 11 other leading marine journalists from the depths of the recession and created a place for us to write and grow advertising revenue together.

In my first 12 hours here at Fort Lauderdale, I landed us our first three advertisers. And the BoaterMouth home page isn’t even live yet. Major brand marketing managers are buying in on the strength of our writers’ reputations and our online concept, which is an evolution of my revenue-generating yacht charter site CharterWave.

I’m now working with my talented friend John Turner of MediaBuoy to complete the BoaterMouth promo video. I’ll have it for you here soon, or you can follow the site’s launch progress at We should be live in the next two weeks or so.

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