My Second Tri

scott speedster s60

I completed my second triathlon yesterday. It was at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey and supported Dottie’s House, a local organization that shelters women and children who survive domestic abuse. Here’s the official race website, and here’s the article about the event from today’s Asbury Park Press.

The web page I most care about, though, is the one that lists the race results, and specifically the times for the bicycling leg of yesterday’s event. For my first triathlon last month, I used a borrowed cross-country bike that I trained on all summer. I averaged 11.5 mph during the bike leg. Yesterday, I used a Scott Speedster S60 that I bought the day before the race and practiced on for just 10 minutes. I averaged 15.2 mph.

So for triathlons, apparently, the bike can make a huge difference. And in my case, the Scott Speedster S60 was a great choice. I’m still a solid hour behind the top finishers, but I did move up from the bottom fourth percentile in last month’s race to the bottom seventh percentile in yesterday’s. I could actually see the back of the pack. That’s real improvement over being one of the final stragglers last month.

If you’re thinking about buying any road or racing bike, I highly recommend the annual Fall Flea Market sponsored by Valley Preferred Cycling Center near Allentown, Pennsylvania. It lures bike shop owners from all over the country who try to clear out last year’s merchandise. I bought my Scott Speedster S60 there on Saturday from a Washington, D.C. shop owner, brand-new, for $400. That was negotiated down from the tag price of $550, which even would have been a good deal considering the retail price online today ranges from $600 to $800.

The lesson? Time is, indeed, money, but you can get a good discount and feel like a real winner.

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