Apparently, Sleep is Important

sunI’m just back from a whirlwind story assignment in Norway’s western fjord country, where it is twilight time–meaning the sun sets for only about three hours each day thanks to the region’s proximity to the Arctic Circle.

Lesson learned from the farthest point north that I’ve ever traveled: I require more than three to five hours of jet-lagged sleep per night during the span of a four-day assignment. I knew things were bad when I found my coach seat with blackout eye mask a desirable alternative to my real bed in Norway. By the time my plane landed last night in Newark, I was literally shaking from exhaustion.

Loved the assignment, though. Got to eat reindeer sausage and anchor in stunning places that most people will never be lucky enough see.

I wonder what the locale looks like through non-bloodshot eyes. No time to contemplate that now, though; am unpacking and re-packing en route to another assignment this week, in Nova Scotia, where I believe the sun does (thankfully) set.

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