A True Gut-Check Moment

cakeI get it. Some cakes are fancier than others. I really do get it.

In fact, I so appreciate the talents of decorators on shows like “Food Network Challenge” that I decided I wanted a specialty cake for my husband’s 40th birthday. I took a ride out to Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, N.J., home of “The Cake Boss” from cable’s TLC. I didn’t get to meet Buddy himself, but I did get to sit down with Remy, one of the bakers regularly featured on the show.

He gave me a book of “standard specialty cakes,” things like sheet cakes with NFL football logos and cakes made to look like champagne bottles. Starting price for the few that caught my eye? $800.

The design I’d envisioned for my husband–which involved a bunch of little people fashioned from molding chocolate to represent our family–would have run me somewhere in the $4,500 range.

For flour, sugar, and eggs with little edible people on top.

Luckily, not every baker is as famous as “The Cake Boss.” And in the long run, it’s a tasty piece of cake that the birthday boy will want to swallow. I can get that in a lot of places. No need for me to stomach this particular alternative.

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