The Long Road to Possible Success

I just received word from my literary agent that a publisher may be interested in a book proposal that I ghost-wrote.

It’s too soon to get excited, and I can’t give away details here about the book’s subject matter, but suffice to say that it’s an important, narrative nonfiction tome on which I’ve been working with the named author for more than two years. The proposal (which, at more than 24,000 words, is quite substantial) has been rejected by publisher after publisher. They all say the writing is great and the topic is worthwhile, but they don’t think they can help the book find an audience in the current economy.

Fingers crossed that this new interest from a leading publisher in the genre will actually pan out. Boy, it has been a long couple years of trying. Maybe I will eventually become one of those writers who, after 20 years of learning and practicing the craft, is dubbed an “overnight success”!

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