Big Brother Meets Peeping Tom

I just got a call from a company called Coast to Coast, which I’ve never heard of nor contacted:

Hello, Ms. Kavin? This is so-and-so from Coast to Coast. I’ll keep this short. I understand you’re looking to refinance your home mortgage, and that you currently owe XYZ. Would you like me to quote you some rates?

Boy, did I feel like somebody had walked in on me while I was naked in the shower.

I asked the caller a few questions and determined that when my husband and I recently asked a specific lender for information about refinancing, that lender pulled our credit scores from Equifax–which, according to this guy from Coast to Coast, then sent out notices to “hundreds of lenders” providing my name, phone number, current home mortgage amount, and more so that additional lenders could bombard me with cold calls.

What absolute and total scumbags.

Upon further research, I learned that there is a permanent opt-out process that prevents Equifax and other credit rating companies from flooding these vultures with my personal information. You can opt out, too, either for five years or permanently. Go to this website for more information.

Hard to believe this is something that one must “opt out” to prevent. I wonder what else these companies have the right to do with my personal information, without my knowledge, without my participation, and without any apparent respect or regard for my privacy…

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